Writing About Personal Experiences

Through other experiences that may be volunteer work and it can even be a personal anecdote in my personal statement I touched on my mother’s background as she did on poverty and I explored the ways in which is it has changed me as a person and how it’s how it’s affected my my visions and and my ambition I also wrote about a book that I had read called what money can’t buy the moral limits of the market by Michael chase vandal and it is a philosophical approach to economics. Visit Edusson and learn more.

And it just comes to show that there’s so much more to economics and what I’ve read in my school textbook I think it’s so great if you can approach your subject area through a different lens so philosophy into economics or philosophy into medicine or something like that it shows that you’re well-rounded and you’re willing to view your subject not through one lens but through multiple lenses I even wrote about positions that I held in school that helped me develop certain characteristics to flourish even more in my fields which included some leadership positions and sports position highlighting positions that you’ve held that connect to the characteristics that you should have in your course is a fantastic approach so these are generally I think the ways that you can show love for your course through positions books that you’ve read or content that you’ve read outside of your school personal anecdotes personal experiences.

And yes I think I think that covers is tip number four is that if you do write about a personal experience then ensure that you are going to write about what you learned from that experience and what you still have to have to learn and have to explore you do want to go into university I think even more questions and seeking more answers so if you can extract questions that you want to explore through your experiences then it will show initiative on your behalf tip number five is not to talk too too much about your personal achievements I think on the whole the UK application tends to be a lot more academic focused rather than you know extra curricular focused the universities that you intend to apply to already know your grades they know your GCSEs and your IB or a levels or or whatever you’ve done.

You don’t have much space in your personal statement remember you only have forty second line so you don’t want to expand too much about your personal achievements but rather use that and say focus on why you love that subject area in fact what you can do is you can pick some positions and achievements that you have and kind of incorporate them flip them into sentences where you’re demonstrating your your enjoyment and your interest in that particular discipline so I’m just going to read off my screen but one of the sentences that I used was translating words into actions as the environmental prefect I promote sustainable practices within my school such as the greater use of biodegradable materials and educate fellow students on how some of our current practices threaten the environment genera by nurturing awareness.

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