Misplaced Compassion And Empathy Regarding Illegal Immigration?

I’ve noticed a number of articles and editorials regarding illegal immigration into our country.  There is often a reference to parents and grandparents who emigrated here from other countries hoping to provide a better life for themselves and their families.  Then a comparison is made with those recent immigrants coming mostly from Central and South America.

Though I can understand the compassion and empathy behind the concern for these recent immigrants, the comparison is like apples and oranges.  My grandparents too came from Europe; (Italy) into this country in the late 1800’s looking for a better life, but they had to abide by, and pass the rigors of the immigration laws; they came here legally.  Family members were sometimes separated for years, some for various reasons, were even sent back to their homeland upon arrival.

We need to obey the laws of the land otherwise there would be chaos. I don’t blame the illegals  for taking the opportunity to come here for a better life, our government gives a wink and a nod as they cross the border, even to this day. But to compare legal immigration with illegal immigration is a slap in the face to those who paid the price to come the right way.

Remember the law to control immigration is a federal law.  Our government is not doing its job by enforcing it.  Arizona, out of necessity is being forced to do what the government refuses to do.  The states should be suing our government to do their job, not the other way around.

Personally, I think that our government allowed, in fact encouraged illegal immigration so as to exploit the hard working cheap labor. I understand that one year the government obtained $7 billion in unclaimed dollars derived from false Social Security accounts.  I recall years ago when a van full of illegals were detained by the local police, who phoned immigration and were told if they did not break the law (although they were already illegal) let them go.  When common citizens calling themselves “Minutemen” voluntarily (without compensation), successfully guarded a portion of our border they were criticized by president Bush as being vigilantes.  Somehow we can protect the sovereignty and integrity of Iraq’s borders but not our own?

For those who are morally and compassionately prompted to assist and support those who are here illegally, depending on the nature of their support, they must realize that they themselves are at risk of violating the law.
This country could not possibly sustain itself if every person in the world could freely enter in without any form of restrictions.  Every single day we witness an attack upon our Judeo Christian heritage, our morality, by those opposed to our way of life.  The ten commandments torn down from our court houses, crosses ripped off of public places after having been up for decades.  Abortions, gay marriage, sexual promiscuity; cultural clashes.  I’m not attributing these things to Hispanics as I realize that most all are moral people.  My point is that there must be some discretion used in determining who and how many people should be entering into our country; there needs to be laws.

We hear that many jobs taken by illegals are jobs Americans refuse to take.  Many illegals are employed by McDonald’s; if they were to leave the country, McDonald’s would not go out of business for lack of employees.  They would have to hire Americans but at higher more acceptable wages.  It’s not that Americans don’t want the jobs, it’s just that they are more savvy and will not be exploited with below standard wages.

One more issue, most every immigrant of the past, entering  this country were proud to become American, they assimilated.  Though they might always have a special place in their heart for their native land, they gave their complete allegiance to the U.S., that is not necessarily the case with all of this new wave of immigrants, even our language is being compromised.

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